Faculty (in alphabetical order)

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Frans Adriaans
Research/Interest: Computational modeling, phonology, language acquisition, psycholinguistics

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Mark Baltin
Research/Interest: Syntax; semantics; lexical representation.

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Chris Barker
Research/Interest: Semantics of natural language; philosophy of language; theory of computation

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Renée Blake
Research/Interest: Urban sociolinguistics; African American Vernacular English; languages and cultures of the Caribbean.

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Lucas Champollion
Research/Interest: Formal semantics of natural language (esp. algebraic semantics); formal language theory

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Chris Collins
Research/Interest: Theory of syntax, comparative syntax of African languages, English syntax, Ewe syntax, ‡Hoan syntax, Ju|'hoansi syntax, Khoisan syntax.

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Lisa Davidson
Research/Interest: Phonetics, laboratory and theoretical phonology, second language acquisition, variation.

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Gillian Gallagher
Research/Interest: Phonology and phonetics, Quechua.

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Maria Gouskova
Research/Interest: Phonology, morphology, lexicon.

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Gregory Guy
Research/Interest: Phonology; historical linguistics; Romance linguistics; pidgin and creole studies; phonetics; sociolinguistics and sociolinguistic universals.

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Stephanie Harves
Research/Interest: Syntactic theory, Russian syntax, comparative syntax, morphology, language acquisition.

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Richard Kayne
Research/Interest: Theoretical syntax, (micro-)comparative syntax, French/Italian syntax.

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Alec Marantz
Research/Interest: Universal Grammar, Syntax, Morphology, Language Acquisition, Neurolinguistics.

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Liina Pylkkänen
Research/Interest: Neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, semantics, syntax, lexicon.

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Anna Szabolcsi
Research/Interest: Formal semantics; Hungarian syntax; syntax/semantics interface.
Global Distinguished Professor
Philippe Schlenker
Research/Interest: Semantics, pragmatics, philosophy of language, philosophical logic, syntax, morphology
Faculty Fellow
Dustin Alfonso Chacón
Research/Interest: Syntax, psycholinguistics
Adjunct Faculty
Louise O. Vasvari
Research/Interest: Romance languages, bilingualism, sexuality and gender.
Zvjezdana Vrzic
Research/Interest: Language contact; syntax; sociolinguistics of bi-/multilingualism; documentation and preservation of endangered languages; pidgins and creoles; Balkan Sprachbund; Vlashki/ Zheyanski (Istro-Romanian) language documentation and syntax, Croatian (Bosnian/Serbian) syntax.
Faculty Emeriti
John R Costello
Research/Interest: Historical linguistics; diachronic syntax; first and second language acquisition; languages in contact.
Ray C. Dougherty
Research/Interest: Computational and mathematical models of language; Generative syntax and morphology; Language acquisition.
John Victor Singler
Research/Interest: Sociolinguistics; pidgins and creoles; African American English; phonology.
Former Visiting Faculty
Jeroen van Craenenbroeck
(Fall 2008)
Research/Interest: Syntax
Jeroen Groenendijk
(Spring 2009)
Research/Interest: Semantics, pragmatics, philosophy of language
Kathryn Pruitt
Affiliated Faculty
Adam Buchwald
Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders,
The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development
Sonia N. Das
Department of Anthropology
Kit Fine
Department of Philosophy
Ralph Grishman
Department of Computer Science
Susannah Levi
Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders,
The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development
Gary F. Marcus
Department of Psychology
Tara McAllister Byun
Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders,
The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development
Brian McElree
Department of Psychology
David Poeppel
Department of Psychology
Bambi B. Schieffelin
Department of Anthropology
Athena Vouloumanos
Department of Psychology
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