LING-UA 28-001 Language and Mind: Fall 2012


Language and Mind
LING-UA 28-001 Professor Gillian Gallagher and Professor Liina Pylkkänen
T/R, 11:00AM – 12:15PM
Satisfies introductory course requirement

This course deals with what our knowledge of language can tell us about the nature of the mind, and vice versa. It is offered jointly by Psychology and Linguistics, presenting methodology and results form both fields. It is well known that language is a social phenomenon; this course will focus on some aspects of language that make its study more like a natural science. We discuss the structure of sentences (syntax), words (morphology), and sound shape (phonetics, phonology), and ask how these are acquired, mentally represented, and processed by humans.

Updated on 04/14/2013
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