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NYU linguists at SALT 27

NYU will be well represented at this year's SALT conference.

Chris Barker will give an invited talk on Negative polarity as scope marking.

Linmin Zhang (NYU alum) and Jia Ling will give a contributed talk on Ambiguous than-clauses and the mention-some reading.

Lucas Champollion (NYU), Justin Bledin (JHU) and Haoze Li (NYU) will present a poster on Rigidity and distributivity in Plural Predicate Logic.

Daniel Lassiter (NYU alum) will present a poster on Probabilistic language in indicative and counterfactual conditionals.

Lyn Tieu, Robert Pasternak, Philippe Schlenker and Emmanuel Chemla will present a poster on Co-speech gestures: Experimental evidence for projection and local accommodation.