NYU Working Papers in Linguistics


NYUWPL Volume 3, Spring 2011: Papers in Syntax

Editors: Jim Wood and Neil Myler

Table of Contents
Mark Baltin - The copy theory of movement and the binding-theoretic status of A-traces: You can’t get there from here
Satarupa Das - Bengali imposters
Stephanie Harves and Richard S. Kayne - Having Need and Needing Have in Contemporary Indo-European
Daniel Lassiter - Anaphoric Properties of which and the Syntax of Appositive Relatives
Inna Livitz - Incorporating PRO: a Defective-Goal Analysis
Neil Myler - Come the pub with me: Silent TO in a Dialect of British English
Laziz Nchare - The Syntax of Agreement in the Shupamem DP and Greenberg’s Universal 20
Teresa O'Neill - The Syntax of ne...que Exceptives in French
Violeta Vázquez-Rojas - Definite and indefinite numeral phrases in Shupamem

NYUWPL Volume 2, Spring 2009: Papers in Syntax

Editors: Patricia Irwin and Violeta Vázquez Rojas Maldonado

Table of Contents

Mark Baltin: The Properties of Negative Non-finite Complements
Jonathan Brennan: Pronouns, Inflection, and Irish Prepositions
Andrea Cattaneo: When the Subject Clitic Is an Object Clitic and Vice-versa
Chris Collins, Stephanie N. Guitard, and Jim Wood: Imposters: An Online Survey of Grammaticality Judgements
Patricia Irwin: Hijacked Predicate Raising in an AAE Attributive Construction
Txuss Martin: Deconstructing Dative Clitics
Anna Szabolcsi: Overt Nominative Subjects in Infinitival Complements: Data, Diagnostics, and Preliminary Analyses
Michael Taylor: On the pronominal status of Brazilian Portuguese 'a gente'
Chyan-an Arthur Wang: Some Notes on Chinese Imposters
Jim Wood: Icelandic Imposters and the Proprial Article

NYUWPL Volume 1, Spring 2008: Papers in Syntax

Editors: Lisa Levinson and Oana Savescu-Ciucivara

Table of Contents

Jonathan Brennan: Only, Finally
Andrea Cattaneo: Italian Null Objects and Resultative/Depictive Predication
Chris Collins: Home Sweet Home
Thomas Leu: A Note on What For Split
Marcos Rohena-Madrazo: Superlative Movement in Puerto Rican Spanish and General Spanis

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