Polarity from Different Perspectives, March 11-13, 2005


March 11 - 13, 2005

This workshop will bring together representatives of several fields to explore questions such as, What is the relation between positive polarity, negative polarity, and negative concord? What family of syntactic relations does polarity licensing belong to, and how does it interact with grammatical architecture? Does polarity sensitivity derive from scalar semantics/pragmatics? Given that polarity items and their licensors come in many flavors, is there a unified theory for polarity? What insights do monotonicity properties offer into inferencing in logical, computational, and psychological terms? How are polarity properties acquired?

Invited Speakers:

  • Luis Alonso-Ovalle
  • Raffaella Bernardi
  • Marcel den Dikken
  • Anastasia Giannakidou
  • Elena Guerzoni
  • William Ladusaw
  • Øystein Nilsen
  • Paul Postal
  • Anna Szabolcsi

If you wish to attend the workshop and participate in the discussion, you are welcome to submit an electronic poster to the workshop web site.

All those planning to attend are kindly asked to preregister.

Approximate Schedule as of 3/2/05

This schedule is probably final as regards the assignment of speakers to sessions (Friday/Saturday, morning/afternoon). On the other hand, the session-internal divisions may be somewhat fluid. Please bear this in mind if you plan to attend only part of the workshop.

If you wish to read the abstracts/papers/posters in advance, please use the links below and on the Electronic Posters page; we will not be distributing printouts.


Silver Center for Arts and Science, 100 Washington Square East, Room 405

Registration, breakfast from 9:15
10:00--11:15 Szabolcsi: Polarity: some questions for discussion
11:15--12:30 Bernardi: Reasoning with polarity in categorial type logic
Lunch break
2:00--3:45 Postal: Suppose (if only for an hour) that NPIs are negation-containing phrases
4:15-5:30 den Dikken: Parasitism, secondary triggering, and depth of embedding
General discussion, ca. 1 hour

Workshop dinner no later than 7:00


Silver, 100 Washington Square East, Room 805 (different room!)

Breakfast from 8:30
9:00--10:00 Guerzoni: When EVEN is ALSO ONLY
10:00--11:00 Giannakidou: The Landscape of EVEN Items
General discussion, coffee
11:45--1:00 Nilsen: At least positive
Lunch break
2:30--3:30 Alonso-Ovalle: Disjunction in modal space: can modals see the alternatives?
3:30--4:45 Ladusaw: Polarity Items in Questions Revisited
Coffee, general discussion ca. 1 hour

Sunday morning

Optional discussion session

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