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Renée Blake

Associate Professor of Linguistics , Social and Cultural Analysis ; Director, Africana Studies

Ph.D. 1997 (linguistics), M.A. 1993 (linguistics), B.SC. 1987 (biology), Stanford.

Office Address: 

Department of Linguistics
New York University
10 Washington Place #304
New York, NY 10003



Areas of Research/Interest: 

Urban sociolinguistics; African American Vernacular English; languages and cultures of the Caribbean.

Word. The Online Journal on African American English

Voices of New York

“Second Generation West Indian Americans and English in New York City,” with Cara Shousterman, English Today 26(3) (2010): 35-43.

“Diachrony and AAE: St. Louis, Hip-Hop and Sound Change Outside of the Mainstream,” with Cara Shousterman, Journal of English Linguistics 38(3) (2010): 230-247.

“Defining the Envelope of Linguistic Variation: The Case of “Don’t Count” forms in the Copula Analysis of African American Vernacular English.”Language Variation and Change 9(1) (1997): 57-80.

"Barbadian Creole English: Insights into Class and Race Identity," Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies (1996);

"Rappin' on the Copula Coffin: Theoretical and Methodological Issues in the Analysis of Copula Variation in African American Vernacular English," with J. Rickford, A. Ball, R. Jackson, and N. Martin, Language Variation and Change 3 (1991): 103-32;

"Contraction and Deletion of the Copula in Barbadian English," with John Rickford, Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society 16 (1990): 257-68.

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