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Gregory Guy

Professor of Linguistics

Ph.D. 1981; M.A. 1975 University of Pennsylvania; B.A. 1972, Boston University; B.A. 1968, Central H.S., Philadelphia.

Office Address: 

Department of Linguistics
New York University
10 Washington Place #211
New York, NY 10003





Personal Homepage:

Areas of Research/Interest: 

Phonology; historical linguistics; Romance linguistics; pidgin and creole studies; phonetics; sociolinguistics and sociolinguistic universals.

Gregory Guy specializes in sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, phonetics and phonology. In sociolinguistics he has worked extensively on language variation and change, with emphasis on variation and linguistic theory, social aspects of variation and change and the social and linguistic distribution of language change in progress, and quantitative research methodology (the statistical modelling of variability). His current research focuses on the representation of language variation in linguistic theory. Other interests include phonological and syntactic variables in English, Portuguese and Spanish, historical linguistics, Romance linguistics (his areas of language specialization include English, Portuguese and Spanish), phonological theory, pidgin and creole studies, phonetics, and sociolinguistic universals.
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