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Chris Collins

Chris Collins

Professor of Linguistics

Ph.D. 1993 (linguistics), Massachusetts Institute of Technology; B.S. 1985 (mathematics), Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Office Address: 

Department of Linguistics
New York University
10 Washington Place #411
New York, NY 10003





Areas of Research/Interest: 

Theory of syntax, comparative syntax of African languages, English syntax, Ewe syntax, ‡Hoan syntax, Ju|'hoansi syntax, Khoisan syntax.

Selected Publications

2014. A Grammar of ǂHȍã. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag. (Co-authored with Jeffrey Gruber)

2014. Classical NEG Raising: An Essay on the Syntax of Negation. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. (Co-authored with Paul Postal)

2012. Imposters. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. (Co-authored with Paul Postal)

2011. A Grammatical Sketch of N|uuki with Stories. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag (Co-authored with Levi Namaseb)

2008. An AAE Camouflage Construction. Language (with Simanique Moody and Paul Postal), volume 84.1, pgs. 29-68.

2007. The Syntax of Verb Focus in Kabiye. In Doris L. Payne and Jaime Peña (eds.), Selected Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference on African Linguistics, 191-203. Cascadilla Proceedings Project, Somerville, MA. (with Komlan E. Essizewa).

2006. Linkers and vP Structure. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory (with Mark Baker), volume 24.2, pgs. 307-354.

2006. A Fresh Look at Habitual Be in AAVE. In Ana Deumert and Stephanie Durrleman (eds.), Structure and Variation in Contact Languages, Creole Language Library Series. John Benjamins.

2005. A Smuggling Approach to the Passive in English. Syntax, 8.2, pgs., 81-120.

2005. A Smuggling Approach to Raising in English. Linguistic Inquiry 36.2, 289-298.

2004. The Absence of the Linker in Double Object Constructions in N|uu. Studies in African Linguistics 33.2, pgs. 163-198.

2003. The Internal Structure of vP in Ju|’hoan and =Hoan. Studia Linguistica 57.1, 1-25.

2002. Multiple Verb Movement in =Hoan. Linguistic Inquiry 33.1, 1-29.

2002. Eliminating Labels. In Samuel Epstein and Daniel Seely (eds.), Derivation and Explanation in the Minimalist Program. Blackwell.

2001. Aspects of Plurality in =Hoan. Language 77.3, 456-476.

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