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Chris Barker

Professor of Linguistics

PhD 1991, UC Santa Cruz (Linguistics); BA 1986, UC Santa Cruz (Computer Science); BA 1983, Yale (English)

Office Address: 

Department of Linguistics
10 Washington Place #604
New York, NY 10003



Personal Homepage:

Areas of Research/Interest: 

Semantics of natural language; philosophy of language; theory of computation

Barker, C. 2009.  Clarity and the grammar of skepticism.  Mind and Language. 24.3: 253--273.

Barker, C. & C-c. Shan.  2008.  Donkey anaphora is in-scope binding. Semantics and Pragmatics. 1.1: 1--42.

Barker, C.  2007. Parasitic Scope.  Linguistics and Philosophy. 30.4: 407--444.

Barker, C. & P. Jacobson (eds). 2007. Direct Compositionality. Oxford.

Barker, C. 2002.  Continuations and the nature of quantification. Natural Language Semantics. 10.3:211--242.

Barker, C. 2002.  The Dynamics of Vagueness. Linguistics and Philosophy. 25.1:1--36.

Barker, C. 1998.  Partitives, Double Genitives, and Anti-uniqueness. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. 16:679--717.

Barker, C. 1998.  Episodic ee in English: A thematic role constraint on new word formation. Language. 74.4:695--727.

Barker, C. 1995. Possessive Descriptions. CSLI Press.
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